Family Holiday Options

Family Holidays. Family Travel Options with Mexa Travel. Whether it’s a quick weekend or mid-week escape from the day to day grind. Or possibly to hop on an international flight to explore a new destination. We at Mexa Travel and Tours know just how stressful travelling with your little ones and the family can be, however it is the ultimate way to create great lasting memories for the entire family.

Markedly Mexa Travel has some Family Options and Packages lined up for the next family holiday. Our Family packages and specials will leave the family raving and wanting more all while making great memories with very little hassle and stress with our competent team of Travel Agents at your service.


Contact us at Mexa Travel…..Whether you’re seeking to simply reserve a flight, plan a budget-friendly getaway, or embark on your long-awaited dream vacation or weekend getaway.

Mexa Travel is your trusted comprehensive travel partner.

For nearly two decades, Mexa Travel has been a prominent figure in the travel industry. Continuously providing exceptional services and unforgettable experiences to travelers worldwide. Therefore with a rich history spanning 18 years, Mexa Travel has solidified its position as a trusted and reliable travel partner. In so doing creating countless memories and fulfilling the wanderlust of its valued customers.

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