Mexa Travel and Tours Terms and Conditions can be found below.


These booking terms and conditions apply to bookings you make with our consultants (in-store, by phone or by email) as well as online bookings you make on our websites (the booking terms).
The booking terms should be read and understood prior to booking your travel and will be binding on you as soon as they have been accepted by you and/or we have issued a confirmation invoice to you for the travel which you booked.  

Please retain a copy of the booking terms once your booking is placed.

References to “MEXA South Africa”, “us”, “we” or “our” in these booking terms will mean Meet Extreme Adventures / Mexa Travel cc registration number 2008/114540/23.


When you book travel through us, you enter into two agreements. The first is this agreement, between you and us.

 The second is the agreement you conclude with the provider of your travel service for which we act as agent (such as airlines, coach operators, transport tour operators, accommodation, hotels, shipping companies, car hire, visa suppliers, rail and cruise line operators, wholesalers and other providers of air, land, sea or any other travel arrangements, products or services) (third party service providers), who all have their own terms and conditions applicable to your travel (the third party service provider agreement). When you accept these booking terms, you also accept and agree to be bound by the third-party service provider agreement. 

To the extent that there is any inconsistency between the booking terms and the third-party service provider agreement, the third-party service provider agreement will prevail. The third-party service provider agreement(s) applicable to your booking will be available on request. 

By booking travel with us you are accepting the booking terms, you will be deemed to have read, understood and agree to be bound by the booking terms as well as the applicable third-party service provider agreement(s).

We rely on the authority of the person making the booking to act on behalf of any other traveller forming part of the booking, who hereby confirms that he/she is authorized to do so, and that he/she binds all such travellers to the booking terms and the agreement(s). 

We are Meet Extreme Adventures / Mexa Travel and our agreement outlines your rights and obligations with us. 

We act as intermediary, representing Third party service providers who offer travel arrangements, such as airlines , wholesales companies , accommodation, hotels , tour operators and transportations services.

It is important that’s you thoroughly understand the specific terms and conditions of the third party service provider related to your arrangements, in additions our general terms and conditions (Mexa Travel booking terms and conditions) to avoid any misunderstanding regarding content, services and your responsibilities. 

By engaging with is. Whether or not ultimately make a booking, you are considered to have read . Comprehended and agreed to be bound by both the terms of booking of Mexa Travel and applicable terms and conditions of the third party service provider, the latter will take precedence.


  1. a) You affirm that you have the authority to accept and acknowledge both for yourself and on behalf of your group, the Mexa Travel Booking Terms and Conditions, as well as any terms and conditions set by Third Party Service Providers.
  2. b) It is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of all details on your travel documents. If you discover any errors or discrepancies, please inform us within 24 hours; otherwise, the document will be considered correct. The names in your travel documents must match the names exactly as they appear on the valid passports of the travellers.
  3. c) By making a booking, you enter into a legally binding agreement to obtain the relevant travel products, services, and advice from both Mexa Travel and Third Party Service Providers. This agreement comprises the Mexa Travel Booking Confirmation, the itinerary provided by Mexa Travel, the Mexa Booking Terms and Conditions, and the terms and conditions specified by the relevant Third Party Service Providers.
  4. d) If you make a booking on behalf of someone else, you guarantee that you have the authority to accept and acknowledge the Mexa Travel Booking Terms and Conditions and the applicable terms and conditions of the Third Party Service Providers on behalf of that individual, and you agree to be bound by them.

Mexa Travel is here to assist you with various aspects of your travel, including planning, bookings, advice, itinerary preparation, travel document issuance, and payment and refund handling when necessary. 

It’s important to note that we do not provide any warranty or representation regarding the quality of services or products offered by Third Party Service Providers. 

No individual is authorized to make such assurances on behalf of Mexa Travel. However, rest assured that all Third Party Service Providers have been meticulously chosen based on their proven track records and service quality. 

In the event that a Third Party Service Provider is unable to fulfil the products or services you purchased through Mexa Travel, your recourse lies solely with that specific provider and not with Mexa Travel.

The Mexa Travel Booking Terms and Conditions, in conjunction with the relevant terms and conditions of the Third Party Service Provider, govern any travel products or services you acquire through us or that have been provided by us.


In order to secure a booking this Indemnity must be completed in all respects and signed where indicated. 

We shall endeavor to ensure that all literature and/or brochures covering trips/tours/flights and any additional information pertaining to your booking is correct at the time of printing. 

We cannot be held responsible for any changes after printing or for any inaccuracies or errors in such literature and/or brochures. Please ensure that you receive all this information

You accept these booking terms either by accepting them electronically, or signing the Booking Form to which the booking terms are attached, or by us sending a confirmation invoice to you for the travel which you booked. 

You acknowledge that you are 18 (eighteen) years of age or older and that you understand and have the legal capacity to agree to the booking terms. Your decision to make travel arrangements through us is voluntary, and is not made under duress.


The prices displayed for our products and services are indicated as “from prices,” and we reserve the right to modify these prices at any time. Before confirming your booking, we will inform you of the current price for the specific holiday you wish to book. 

Third Party Service Providers may require additional deposits or full payments for certain travel arrangements. Failure to make full payment by the specified due date may result in the forfeiture of any deposit or partial payments made.

The accommodation prices listed are based on per person rates and typically reflect dormitory or twin-share options, considering the lowest-tier room types. 

The “from” pricing displayed has been calculated using rates applicable during low season stays and is subject to availability, currency fluctuations, and potential changes without prior notice. 

We recommend using the advertised prices as a reference and consulting with our Experience Expert to secure the best available deal for your travel period. 

Flight prices include applicable pre-paid taxes and charges, but they do not cover taxes or charges imposed by third parties or overseas airports.

The advertised airfares already include current fuel surcharges, which are subject to change without prior notice. Visa fees are not included in work programs. Seasonal surcharges may apply to specific products depending on the departure date. 

Some products may require you to possess an eligibility card to access the lower price. If you do not possess the required cards, they may be available for purchase at the time of booking, subject to meeting eligibility criteria. 

Local payments may be applicable for certain tour operators. Please note that amendment, cancellation, and administration fees apply.

All prices for bookings advertised by us are subject to availability and can be withdrawn or varied without notice to you. Advertised prices may be limited to travel within specified dates. 

We will confirm the correct price with you at the time of payment. Prices are subject to change until payment has been secured in full by you or when confirmation of acceptance of the quotation has been received by you or by an authorised representative of corporate clients.

We may correct any pricing errors on our websites at any time. If a booking price contains an inadvertent and obvious error, we are not bound by it and will be entitled to correct the error in the displayed price. 

If a pricing correction affects your pending order, we will offer you the opportunity to keep your booking at the correct price, or we will cancel your pending order without penalty. 

We are under no obligation to honour a mis-quote and may correct the pricing prior to payment being taken.

When making international or domestic trip bookings, we highly recommend selecting flexible products that allow for changes or refunds whenever possible. It is important to note that your agreement with Third Party Service Providers may grant them the right to cancel or modify bookings at any time. 

While we will make every effort to promptly notify you of any significant changes, we assume no responsibility for any resulting changes or expenses incurred. 

Additionally, if a Third Party Service Provider offers Credit Notes or Travel Vouchers instead of cash refunds for changes or cancellations, we will only be able to convey their offer to you. We do not possess specific knowledge about the financial status of individual Third Party Service Providers and therefore cannot be held liable for any losses or liabilities you may incur due to any future financial defaults by the provider.

In the event that a significant change needs to be made by Mexa Travel due to an error in your booking, we will notify you as soon as possible, provided there is sufficient time before your departure. 

These changes may include, but are not limited to, alterations in accommodation, departure airport, Third Party Service Provider, or departure/return flight times. 

You will then have the option to either accept the revised arrangements, accept an alternative travel option of comparable quality offered by us (with any price difference refunded if the alternative has a lower value), or cancel your existing arrangements and receive a refund.


Compensation will not be applicable in the event of a significant change caused by circumstances beyond our control. 

These circumstances include, but are not limited to, force majeure events, war, the threat of war, riots, civil disturbances, terrorist activities, industrial disputes, natural and nuclear disasters, fires, epidemics, pandemics, health risks, rescheduling or cancellation of flights by airlines, changes in airline or aircraft types, congested or closed airports, ports, city, regional, or country borders, hurricanes, severe weather conditions, and other similar events.

If you have booked a flight and we receive notification of a significant schedule change from your airline before your departure from South Africa, we will contact you via email to provide you with this information. 

Please ensure that you have provided your contact email address and mobile phone number to Mexa Travel and regularly check for messages before your departure. 

It is important to note that Mexa Travel has no control over airline schedule changes and accepts no liability for any costs that may arise as a result of such changes.

If for any reason mentioned above, a Third Party Service Provider offers Credit Notes or Travel Vouchers instead of cash refunds for changes or cancellations, Mexa Travel can only pass on these travel credits, and any additional recourse must be pursued directly with the Third Party Service Provider.

Once you have departed from South Africa, it becomes your responsibility to verify with the airline that any onward or connecting flights (both domestic and international) you have confirmed are operating as scheduled. 

We highly advise contacting your airline at least 72 hours before each flight’s scheduled departure to ensure updated informatIF YOUion.


In the event that you desire to make changes to your booking and such changes are permissible and feasible, Mexa Travel will impose a change fee for processing the requested modifications. 

Additionally, your Third Party Service Provider may also charge a change fee. For both pre-departure and post-departure changes, kindly reach out to your Experience Expert or contact Mexa Travel to obtain information on the process for requesting changes. 

Please be aware that all changes are subject to availability and the terms and conditions of the specific product or service you have purchased. Subject to availability and the terms and conditions of the specific product or service you have purchased.

It is important to note that many airlines and other service providers do not allow alterations to name details. 

While we will make every effort to assist with such changes if necessary, it is crucial to understand that most airlines and service providers consider a name change as a cancellation, subject to standard conditions and charges. 

If you provide an incorrect name and the airline allows a correction, a change fee along with any applicable airline and/or supplier fees will apply.

Flights must be taken in the prescribed sequence as indicated on your e-ticket confirmation. 

If you intend to deviate from the booked flight sequence, such as opting to travel a particular leg of the journey by car or train, please contact your Experience Expert or Mexa Travel as soon as possible to discuss your available options. 

Failure to inform us or check in on time for a confirmed reservation may result in the airline categorizing you as a “no-show,” potentially leading to additional charges, cancellation of your entire flight itinerary, or rendering your ticket void.


In the event that you choose to cancel your booking, the cancellation policies of the Third Party Service Provider will be applicable, in addition to the cancellation fees stipulated by Mexa Travel as outlined on your itinerary, booking confirmation, and/or receipt. 

Prior to considering any refund, we require written notification of cancellation from you (and in certain cases, the original ticket/voucher may be required). 

If you opt to cancel your arrangements before the balance due date, any deposits made are non-refundable and non-transferable. Refunds will only be issued to you once we have received the funds back from the Third Party Service Providers. 

If a Third Party Service Provider offers a Credit Note or Travel Voucher, it will be passed on to you accordingly. Generally, tickets become non-refundable after departure. 

If the reason for your cancellation falls within the terms of your travel insurance policy, you may be eligible to recover your cancellation charges through your insurance provider.


In the event that you encounter any issues during your holiday, we kindly request that you promptly inform the relevant Third Party Service Provider (e.g., your hotel). 

If they are unable to resolve the matter satisfactorily, please contact your Experience Expert or Mexa Travel in South Africa .It is important to reach out to us as failure to do so may impede our ability to investigate your complaint and address any errors while you are still on your trip, potentially affecting your rights under the terms of your contract. 

Please note that the handling of a complaint by Mexa Travel or a Third Party Service Provider is carried out without prejudice and does not imply any fault on the part of either party.


We have taken reasonable precautions to ensure that all the services provided by Third Party Providers, which constitute the arrangements made by Mexa Travel, are carried out by efficient and reputable providers. 

These providers are expected to comply with the local and national laws and regulations of the country where the services are rendered.

 However, it is important to note that safety standards in other countries may be lower than those in South Africa, and the adherence to health precautions and regulations related to the global COVID-19 pandemic may vary among national or provincial authorities in your intended travel destination. 

Nevertheless, you acknowledge and agree that Mexa Travel cannot be held liable for any actions, omissions, or defaults, whether negligent or otherwise, of any Third Party Service Provider or authority acting on behalf of a Sovereign State in relation to your travel arrangements.

In cases where Mexa Travel’s liability cannot be excluded, such liability is limited to the value of the travel arrangements purchased. Please note that Mexa Travel retains the right to refuse services to any individual, legal entity, group, or party of travellers.


By entering into this agreement, you also provide your consent for us to process personal information pertaining to you and other members of your travel group. 

In order to facilitate your travel arrangements, bookings, and the provision of travel services and products, both we and the Third Party Service Providers may disclose your personal information to relevant parties. 

This may include airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and other service providers involved in your travel arrangements. 

The term “Personal Information” refers to its definition as outlined in the Protection of Personal Information Act, Act 4 of 2013 (POPIA), which includes “Special Personal Information” as defined in POPIA. 

The term “processing” is also used as defined in POPIA. For more detailed information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

We are committed to protecting your personal information and will process your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy, available on request. 

By providing personal information to us, you agree that our Privacy Policy will apply to how we handle your personal information, and you consent to us collecting, using, disclosing and otherwise processing your personal information as detailed in our Privacy Policy.


It is solely and entirely your responsibility to meet the passport, visa, and other immigration requirements for your entire itinerary, including all transit and stopover destinations associated with your trip. 

We strongly advise you to verify these requirements with the relevant High Commissions, embassies, and/or consulates. We assume no liability in the event that you are unable to travel due to non-compliance with any such requirements. 

Please ensure that your passport remains valid for at least 6 months beyond your return date to South Africa, and South African passport holders must have a minimum of three blank pages (excluding the front and back cover) to obtain entry visas. 

Insufficient space in the passport may result in entry denial and potential detention until return to the country of origin. Kindly make sure to renew all passports accordingly. 

Please note that holding a visa does not guarantee entry at the point of arrival, and boarding of an aircraft can be denied at any stage, even with a valid visa.

Before your departure from South Africa, it is important to inquire with the Company about the current airport departure tax in all countries you will be transiting, as these taxes are typically payable in the local currency and should be budgeted for accordingly.


Third Party Service Providers will not issue travel documentation until full payment is received. Whenever feasible, Mexa Travel typically sends documents to customers electronically. 

However, if you request hard copy documents, we reserve the right to charge an administration fee for their delivery. Please note that all travel documents are non-transferable. 

It is your responsibility to gather all necessary travel documents before your departure. Treat your travel documents as valuable items and ensure their safety, treating them as you would cash. 

Please be aware that it is not always possible to replace travel documents in the event of loss, theft, damage, or other unforeseen circumstances.


When traveling with a minor (a traveler under the age of 18), it is mandatory to present an Unabridged Birth Certificate (containing details of both parents) along with their passport when entering or exiting South African ports of entry. 

In cases where one parent is not accompanying the minor, an affidavit confirming parental consent to travel is also necessary.It is your sole responsibility to ensure compliance with all documentation requirements set by the Department of Home Affairs before traveling with a minor or an unaccompanied minor


Additional charges such as local travel taxes and airport fees may be applicable in different countries. Unless explicitly mentioned, these charges are not included in the fees. 

Payment of taxes and duties may be required in the local currency at the time of departure, and they are subject to potential changes without prior notice. 

You are responsible for verifying with your airlines whether your booking with us qualifies for any points under any frequent flyer programs. Please keep all your boarding passes for verification purposes, if necessary.

You will be liable for any additional taxes levied by the relevant country or city visited including amongst others local city tax or departure tax. However, some countries may charge additional departure, hotel or other taxes that must be paid locally. 

We suggest that you retain sufficient local currency to meet these charges. It is your responsibility to declare any personal items with the South African Revenue Services prior to departure.


Having adequate travel insurance is essential for your trip. We strongly recommend that you obtain comprehensive insurance for the entire duration of your journey. 

In some cases, travel insurance is a mandatory requirement for certain travel arrangements. We can assist you in arranging travel insurance and provide a quote while addressing any questions you may have about the coverage we offer. 

However, please note that we act solely as agents on your behalf in arranging or not arranging insurance, and any claims or issues should be directed exclusively to the insurer.

Upon confirmation and payment of the insurance, the insurer will provide you with a policy document. 

This document is important and should be carefully reviewed before your travel to address any concerns or inquiries with the insurer prior to your departure.

Please be aware that certain credit card companies provide limited travel insurance coverage, which may not be sufficient for international travel. 

It is recommended to contact your credit card and medical aid providers to obtain specific information about the coverage they offer.


In most instances, we act as an agent on behalf of airline carriers (Third Party Service Providers) when selling products and services. Mexa Travel bears no responsibility for the products or services provided by these Third Party Service Providers. 

We do not provide any warranty or guarantee regarding the quality of services or products offered by Third Party Service Providers. It’s important to note that luggage and baggage policies can vary among different airline carriers. 

Therefore, if the airline is unable to fulfil the product or service you purchased through Mexa Travel, your recourse lies with the airline and not with Mexa Travel (subject to applicable laws). 

Additional charges imposed by airline carriers may apply and are subject to change without prior notice. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the baggage rules set by the initial accepting airline carrier. Some airline carriers may have restrictions on excess, oversized, or overweight bags, as well as boxes, during peak travel periods. 

Please be aware that even after making full payment, the terms and conditions of your contract with the Third Party Service Provider may allow them to impose additional charges for baggage, depending on your ticket, mileage status, and class of service.

For detailed information regarding airline carriage conditions, luggage restrictions, and baggage allowance specific to your travel arrangements, we advise you to directly contact the airline carrier or visit their official website.


South African residents are advised to consult the travel guidance provided by the

International Relations & Cooperation Department in the Consular Information section on their website,  www.dfa.gov.za. Certain destinations may require vaccinations, adherence to health requirements such as PCR tests, and pre-registration of travel intent. 

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have fulfilled all necessary vaccination and health requirements for your planned itinerary. The responsibility for health documentation, compliance with vaccination and inoculation requirements, online or physical travel intent registration, and any other health questionnaires lies solely with you. 

It is important to assess your physical condition to ensure it is suitable for your intended itinerary, and if you are uncertain, seek advice from your physician.

All advice provided to you is based on one or more of the following sources: (a) Information provided by you; (b) Information provided by Third Party Service Providers; (c) Information provided by Governments, consulates, and embassies; (d) Travel advisories issued by the aforementioned entities and other travel information service providers. 

Due to the extensive volume and complexity of such information and the dynamic and ever-changing requirements of international travel, Mexa Travel is unable to verify the accuracy and authenticity of this information. 

Therefore, we convey and share this information with you as part of our commitment to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable trip for you.


Mexa Travel makes every effort to ensure the accuracy, currency, and representation of the products, tours, accommodations, and destinations through photography. 

We are dedicated to using images appropriately, which may involve crediting copyright owners, obtaining permission from product or Third Party Service Providers for image reproduction in brochures, flyers, or our website, or providing financial reimbursement to copyright owners for image usage.

Images provided by third-party service providers are used by Mexa Travel specifically for the promotion of their respective product(s). 

The accommodation photos showcased are indicative of the available room types at each property, but the actual room assigned to you may differ. 

If you have a preference for a specific room type, please communicate this to your Experience Expert. Accommodation or product images may also be used in other Mexa Travel materials, but only in conjunction with the promotion of the corresponding product(s).


You should confirm scheduled travel times at least 24 (twenty-four) hours prior to departure by

(i) Completing an online check in, (ii) Downloading the applicable division’s mobile app and ensuring that push notifications are activated, and (iii) Confirming scheduled travel times with your travel expert, account manager or with the third-party service provider directly.


You should liaise with your travel consultant regarding any special requirements for travel including but not limited to: seating, meals, bassinets, room location or any other special requests. 

Special requirements and requests are not guaranteed by us, and must be confirmed by the third party service provider. We may submit special requests on your behalf; however, we are not responsible for confirming and/or guaranteeing these requests.

Your preferred choice of aeroplane seating may be requested prior to your departure; however the airline and/or third party service provider reserves the right to amend your seating plan up until the time of departure. 

You may have to pay for priority seating prior to departure.

Your travel itinerary will indicate the luggage allowances for your trip. Some airlines or low cost carriers include a zero luggage allowance and may charge a fee per bag. P

lease ensure you familiarize yourself with the luggage allowance requirements for your entire trip.


In accordance with the South African Exchange Control Regulations, you confirm that you are aware that the single discretionary allowance limit is R 1,000,000.00 for adults and a travel allowance limit of R 200,000.00 for children under the age of 18 (eighteen) years old, per calendar year, and that the booking you make with us will not exceed your single discretionary allowance.


You agree that your use of our social media pages which include but are not limited to Facebook pages, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, Telegram accounts, will not be defamatory, unlawful, obscene, offensive, hateful, abusive, inflammatory, threatening, invasive of anyone’s privacy, or otherwise contain objectionable comments and/or content. 

We do not tolerate any form of discrimination on grounds of race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation, being a transsexual person, or age. We reserve the right to remove any comment, thread or content without prior warning to you. 

We also reserve the right to bring legal proceedings against any individual for a breach of these rules or law generally, or take such other action as we reasonably deem appropriate


I accept full responsibility for any loss I might suffer as a result of injury, illness or loss of life or damage or loss to property that I or any of my party may sustain during the proposed trip or during any excursions from any cause whatsoever or however arising and I indemnify and hold Mexa Travel, its agents, employees and associates, harmless against any such claim however and without derogating from generality hereof.  

I record that I am aware of the inherent risks involved in excursions, hikes, being accommodated on the trip and associated activities. 

These risks include loss or damage to personal property, injury or fatality, accident or illness in remote places without medical facilities and exposure to temperature extremes or inclement weather.  

Knowing the inherent risks and dangers involved, I certify that I and my family / party members are fully capable of participating in these activities, that MEXA cc has allowed me, my family / party to participate in this excursion subject to the condition that I, my family / party members will obey the lawful instructions of the guides and their deputies covering any aspect of the excursion and acknowledge that I am fully bound and will comply with instructions.  

I voluntarily assume the risk inherent in taking part in such excursions.  My general health is good and there is nothing to my knowledge, which renders me unfit to partake in such excursions.  

With my signature I hereby acknowledge having accepted the terms and conditions that appear above


If you are dissatisfied with us or your travel booking, you must submit your complaint to us through our dedicated customer experience team, within ninety six hours of returning from your travel, in order for us to investigate the complaint efficiently and to ensure that we are provided with a fair opportunity to rectify the situation and mitigate any losses or damage. 

Any and all third party claims must be made directly with the Third Party Service Provider of the travel product supplied. Stolen or lost luggage must be reported to the airline prior to leaving the airport.

We value your feedback. If you have a compliment, complaint or wish to share your experience with us, please contact customer care at: reservations@mexa.co.za