Botswana Okavango Delta Xigera Lodge Experience

Price from R4950 pps

Selected Departures: 2023/2024

Details of Accommodation

Embrace the Enchantment of the Okavango Delta

Nestled within the pristine wilderness of the Okavango Delta in Botswana, Xigera Lodge is a haven of luxury and natural beauty that beckons discerning travelers seeking an authentic and immersive safari experience. Surrounded by the tranquil waters and lush landscapes of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, the lodge is a testament to harmony between human comfort and the untamed African environment.

Accommodation at Xigera Lodge is a fusion of elegance and eco-conscious design. The lodge’s suites and villas are thoughtfully crafted to blend seamlessly with their surroundings, creating an atmosphere that feels both opulent and connected to nature. Each dwelling is a private oasis, adorned with contemporary furnishings, traditional Botswanan artworks, and stunning views that stretch across the delta. The gentle rustle of papyrus and the distant calls of wildlife provide a soothing soundtrack to guests’ stay.

The heart of Xigera’s allure lies in its unparalleled access to the Okavango Delta’s breathtaking landscapes and wildlife. Guided by knowledgeable experts, guests embark on immersive mokoro (traditional dugout canoe) rides and game drives, revealing the delta’s diverse ecosystems and captivating wildlife. From graceful elephants wading through lily-strewn waterways to exclusive predators.  




Accommodation Rates Includes

All meals, park fees, accommodation taxes, applicable tourism levies and all relevant Value Added Tax (VAT), all non-alcoholic/alcoholic beverages (with the exception of wines, spirits and champagnes on the premium list), daily laundry service (weather and water supply permitting) All activities, including game drives, boating, seasonal catch-and-release fishing, mekoro excursions, walking, use of the gym, pool and library and in-suite Wi-Fi.


Maximum Occupancy

Suites – Two adults sharing, or one adult sharing with one child. The Xigera Family Suite – Two adults sharing with two adults, or two adults sharing with two children.

rowling through reed beds, every moment in the delta is a lesson in the intricate dance of life.

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